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Historic Quakertown

Upper Bucks Visitor Center at the Marketplace Barn

Start your journey at the Visitor Center located at 21 N. Main Street where you'll find a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from Quakertown's 200 year history.

Burgess Foulke House

Just across the street from the Visitor Center you'll find the home of the first Burgess of Quakertown. Suitable for tours, the home tells the story of the town's history and its people.


Liberty Hall
Right around the corner on Broad Street lies Liberty Hall. Important as a hiding place for the Liberty Bell on its way to Allentown for safe keeping during the Revolutionary War. The Hall serves as a small research center for those seeking information on the town and its ancestors.

In the Museum:

Quakertown, Citizen's & Germania Band

Drop in at the Visitor Center Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm to check out the miniature circus, and Nicholas Car





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